Agility Coach Certificate Program

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Agility Coach Certificate Program

Sustainable, Happy and Innovative Organizations

The number of senior Executives who prioritize agility on their agenda is rising day by day. They want to obtain a competitive advantage, respond to customer expectations faster, be more innovative, produce higher value, and have more committed and happy employees. In the 21st century, where organizations are in immediate need of innovations, we need agile organizations to cope with complexity. The smallest unit of this organization producing value is self-managed teams. Agility Coaches, who are qualified guides on both business and human sides, are here to increase teams' agility and spread the agility within the organization.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of the Agile Coach Certificate Program is to provide organizations, whether it is a new venture or large-scale, necessary competencies to support sustainable economic growth, flexibility, and employee engagement.

Who can participate?


Our Agility Coaching Competency Model

*Compatible with ICF competencies

Module Overview

 ModuleLearning GoalContentDuration
1 Design thinking and the lean startup To create a technologically feasible and desirable product idea for clients, with commercial advantage • Design thinking
• The lean startup
• Business model development
21 Hours
2 Agile Product Development To manage a product’s life cycle in accordance with agility principles by firstly developing customer and then product • Agility philosophy and principles
• Agility tools and outputs
• Agility roles and activities
21 hours
3 Agility Team Facilitation To boost efficiency by managing agile teams’ learning and decision-making process • Activity facilitation
• Learning facilitation
• Mentorship
21 hours
4 Agile Team Coaching To render Agile teams more productive, creative and efficient as social beings • High-performance team
• Team values and vision
• Team coaching tools
21 hours
5 Agile One-on-One Coaching To guide Agile team members to reveal their potential more • Coaching tools and methods
• Perspectives and paradigms
• Personal agility
32 hours

Module 1: Design thinking and The Lean Startup (3 days/21 hours)

3 Core Competencies – Resource Development 18 Credits

Module2: Agile Product Development (Agile and Scrum) (3 days/21 hours)

6 Core Competencies – Resource Development 15 Credits

Module 3: Agile Team Facilitation (3 days/ 21 hours)

13 Core Competencies – Resource Development 7 Credits

Module 4 Agile Team Coaching (3 days/ 21 hours)

14 Core Competencies – Resource Development 7 Credits

Module 5: Agile One-on-One Coaching (5 days/32 hours)

32 Core Competencies

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 Agility Coaching Advanced Level Program

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