Agility/ Agile Leadership Program

Agility & Agile Leadership

Do you know the common ground of new world leaders who can lead the fast-changing world economy, anticipate the threats and opportunities amidst ascending complexity, and deal with uncertainties?

The study conducted among the top managers of the world's top 500 companies identifies 'Agility' as the most needed leadership competence. Agility represents a form of intentional, actively responsible, flexible and adaptable leadership which goes beyond passive or reactive leadership definitions. However, those who can effectively use these mental and emotional skills correspond to a tiny percentage of current leaders.

The 2-day "Agile Leadership" training program is for everyone who will lead within the new world order, everyone who manages a team, who wants to be the future leader, and decision-makers who want to increase the leadership impact in their organization. The program has been prepared based on Tracom Group International's "Agility and Adaptive Mindset" competencies.

We are waiting for leaders, managers, and decision-makers who want to participate in the training program given by Adler Faculty Leaders Vedat Erol (MCC, ACPC) and Utku İlik. Contact us for more information.

Content of the Program

1- Researcher and Creative Agile Leader

  • Open to new ideas and opportunities
  • Future-oriented and changemaker
  • Adds new elements to services or productsCombines two products or objectives
  • Reverses the currently used process
  • Removes the elements of the product or service
  • Harmonizes the products or services to achieve a new goal
  • Develops the elements of the products or services

2- Designer Agile Leader

  • Develops possible new ideas
  • Focuses on what is important
  • Develops creative cooperation and relations
  • Self-confident
  • Believes in innovation
  • Laughs at own mistakes
  • Aware of personal boundaries
  • Develops creative people and ideas
  • Identifies the criteria of excellence

3- Motivator and Energizer Agile Leader

  • Impacts other people positively
  • Supports new ideas
  • Shows future, success, and potential
  • Storifies and provokes emotions and ideas

4. Practitioner Agile Leader

  • Brave and can take the risk of making mistakes
  • Adds new ideas to practical plans
  • Tests and overhauls plans easily
  • Easily adapting new ideas and practices to process
  • Determines possible challenges for the success
  • Learns from mistakes and faces mistakes
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