Corporate Mentoring Program

Corpora Mentoring Program – 2 Days

The performance of your organization's leaders today and your valuable employees that you are training to create leaders in the near future is a crucial element to the success of your organization. However, among the ongoing intense work, the time allocated to the training of your selected employees to be the future leaders and convey to them the business manner, values, priorities, and behavioral standards of your organization is quite limited. Therefore, the Mentorship Program that will be carried out in your institution will be of great benefit. It will change the atmosphere by triggering a new culture in the institution.

"Do I know the culture of my institution, what is expected of me and what is required to achieve my goals?"

We know that those who are successful in their careers ask these questions at the very beginning of the road and exploit their mentoring works to set their goals and draw the path to these goals.

The mentorship relationship's success increases exponentially, with both sides having this perception, constructive behavior, and commitment to the process.

Studies show that, compared to colleagues at the same level, participants involved in mentoring programs;

Benefits of the Program

Mentee Workshop

1 Day

Mentees (mentee-mentee), who will participate in the training, becoming aware of their role is the ultimate goal for them to attain maximum efficiency from the mentoring system and identify their personal development agendas. The program period for the mentees is for one day; after completing mentoring and mentee training, the mentoring starts with the process of matching. Mentor coaches will support the institution during this period.

Mentoring Program Tracking Team Coaching

For the mentors to deepen their mentoring skills, we offer a half-day follow-up team coaching every three months on average so the Mentors can evaluate their development, determine their areas of improvement, deepen their competencies and benefit from each other's experiences.

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