Advance Level Coaching Program: Practicum


Advance Level Coaching Program: Practicum

Practicum is an intensive and powerful learning process. It deepens your coaching mastery by integrating following learning elements:Review and feedback of your coaching practices;Participating in learning laboratories (This is the laboratory whereby the client cases are evaluated, coaching concepts are discovered in depth and learning process is deepened by interaction with other participants);Coaching to clients (at least 40 hours) and reflecting your learning form coaching experience purposefully;Receiving coaching support from an accredited coach;Performing assignments and extra readings. Furthermore, you will enhance your understanding of the Adler model and Adler’s Guiding Principles by acquiring a deeper consciousness about the common role of the model and principles in defining coaching process and experience.

Who should participate?

This program is the fourth part of the Certificate Program. Anybody who have successfully finished Module 3: Moving Toward Artful Coaching may participate. The students, provided that they comply to certain prerequisites and participate in the first one third part of the Practice Period to Moving Toward Artful Coaching course, may apply for this program after they complete Coaching at Workplace program.

Time Commitment

Practicum program, spreads out to an approximately seven month (26 week) period beginning from registration to completion of the program. During these seven months, the students should take part actively in the coaching process and participate in learning elements every week to meet the completion requirements successfully. The students obtain the right to take certificate exams provided that they meet all provisions of the Practice Program and have completed minimum 100 hours of coaching experience with their clients.


The format of the Practicum is presented as Learning Laboratories of the Adler School ( for 4 hours)and by phone and virtual way (for 2 hours) during review and feedback stages. The students are registered as a group and a Laboratory Leader and supervisors are appointed to each group. Since the student group is to be together for seven months, the learning process will be more productive if they support each other in terms of their competencies. In Practice Program, a student group consists of 8-12 participants.

Certificate Exam

Practicum Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Practicum Program?

Practicum is a nine month program during which the students coach their clients and receive mentoring and feedback from experienced mentor coaches regarding their actual coaching. In addition to, and besides, the requirements to being a coach, the Practicum students have to fulfill other provisions. These are, the written forms of evaluation of their coaching, monthly coaching laboratories in classroom context, a series of teleclass attendance and a file prepared to cover all other learning material.

To accomplish Practicum with success, the students have to complete all class studies and the homework given for modules 1, 2 and 3 of Adler program successfully.

What is Practicum Program Pricing?

The price for Practicum is US $ 4,500. (This is subject to change. Please contact Adler office for current price.) The following factors may necessitate additional payment:

Working with Mentor

During Practicum, it is required that you receive mentor coach service for at least ten hours from an ICF certified coach. Adler will provide 7,5 of the coach you select. hours of group mentor coaching during this process. The cost of remaining 3 hours of coaching is not included in the program and depends of the hourly rate

Digital Recording Device

The participants should possess a digital recording device to record their coaching sessions. (with permission of the client)

Printing and Posting

In the past, forwarding of voice recordings to Practicum coordinators by post or courier raised some costs. Digital printing eliminates these costs. Some of the material from your work book is provided through electronic file for you to print and prepare according to your personal requirements. How you prefer to print may cause some cost. Sending the completed course works (by post of courier) at the end of the Practicum may result in some costs.

How much time should I allocate for Practicum activities on weekly and monthly basis?

This somewhat depends on how many clients you choose to coach during Practicum. The minimum requirements of the process are four different clients and 40 hours of coaching conversation. If you coach four to six clients, you have to allocate 1,5 days weekly for seven months. This time shall cover the real time used for writing the effects of the coaching sessions, participating in teleclasses, looking for new clients and organizing your coaching practices.

Where can I find clients?

The students find clients though various ways. Some use their present and/ or former workplaces. Some use their friends, family and close acquaintances for reference. Some students perform coaching in NGO’s against a symbolic fee of voluntarily. The others make advertising through professionals and social groups. Many students refer their family members or friends for coaching to their Practicum group members. The ethical and practical limitations for accepting a client should be kept in mind. The clients you choose for coaching should be adults and should not be coaching training students, close friends or close relatives and members whom you give team coaching. In addition, you should have an official coaching agreement and provide only coaching service, not consulting, therapy, training services.

May I charge my clients during Practicum?

There is no provision regarding the payments of the clients. However, we especially urge that you agree with the client at least for a certain type of payment since this would create a commitment. The International Coaching Federation (ICF), permits certain percentage of pro bono coaching hours for ACC and PCC certification. You may find more detailed information about ICF conditions concerning this at the website address

Is the coaching I perform at my workplace apply for my Practicum process?

Yes. Provided that you make a coaching agreement with your client, give not consulting, training service but only coaching, and do not request reporting from the client, you may use your coaching for Practicum. As in with other clients, it is important that you abide to confidentiality with your clients at workplace. Practicum Program Handbook provides detailed information concerning client confidentiality.

What is a Practicum Training Laboratory

Practicum laboratory (or shortly laboratory), is an opportunity that provides the participants to explore and examine their coaching experiences as a group. In the laboratories, the students share their coaching experiences, case studies with the class and bring forth questions and issues concerning their experiences and practices. Each coaching laboratory is managed by a faculty member as coordinator who provides perspective from his/ her own experience and theoretical knowledge to these questions and issues. The students have to participate minimum 5 out of 6 of these face-to-face laboratories.

Case studies, which the coach brings to the class, are real situations from current coaching conversations whereby the coach is focused on handling specific issues and increasing his/her effect to maximum degree. The case study presentation have two significant goals: first, deepening of the coaching understanding of all participants and the second, improving the skill and practice of the presenter coach.

Case study is an opportunity to a coach for coaching. It reflects the group collective work philosophy on which the Practicum is focused and the mentality that every person has something to give and take from the others. .

Practicum Training Official Beginning Date is always approximately 4 weeks before the first laboratory. What is its reason?

Practicum official beginning date is programmed to be four or six weeks before the first Practicum laboratory. This timeframe is for you reinforce yourself. This provides you time to download, print and organize your work book and learning material; make an agreement with Practicum consultants and begin preliminary sessions; supply, organize and control you recording device and make contact with a coach. In short, you will be ready for Program Orientation Meeting. Orientation meeting is face to face and is directed by Practicum Manager and Practicum Expert. In this meeting, you and your Practicum friends carry out sharing protocols and forms, course requirements and similar essentials. You will be meeting to plan all dates and times regarding case studies, supervisory coaching meetings and coaching reviews among group members during the following months.

Which credential will have upon completing Practicum Training?

When your work file is completed and reviewed and after the program completion meeting, you receive a document confirming the training you have taken. You may then introduce yourself as Adler Trained Coach (ATC). This is not a certification. To present yourself as an Adler Certified Professional Coach (ACPC), you have to complete Practicum process and succeed in the examination. All our students completing the process successfully, will have performed all requirements of the ICF credentialing except the CKA examination, and may possess ACC or PCC credentials according to their coaching hours.

How can I register to Practicum Program?

The quota for Practicum training group is limited and the demand is generally high. Please contact Practium Consultant from phone number +90 212 319 7730 or by e mail to

I have other questions. With whom should I contact?

For any additional questions about the Practicum Program, please contact Practicum Training Program Expert or Program Manager. The web site for the program and the related expenditure is

How do I prepare for Practicum program?

The information useful for the program and the planning you may wish to begin for Part 2 and 3 is below:

Go back to your assignments in these two intensive weeks. Make you have completed assignments 1,2,3,4 and 5. If not, this is the right time to complete the unfinished assignments since these have to be recorded for review and must be completed before obtaining permission for program completion.

Please visit Student Affairs page at Adler website and prepare a plan to participate in a number of teleclasses sufficient to meet your personal learning goals. Please keep in mind that the minimum requirement is to take 10 teleclasses between the 2nd week of the program commencement and the end of the Practicum training. (In the meantime, Foundations of Professional Coaching teleclasses and teleclasses with voice recording are not accepted. These are for strengthening your experience.))

Start looking for a coach to give you face- to- face coaching for 3 hours during Practicum. For Practicum purposes, your mentor coach has to be an ICF accredited coach. (May be ACC, PCC or MCC)

Start working on how to contact your Practicum clients. You must have 40 coaching hours of recording during Practicum.


(Your coaching experience before Practicum is an advantage, but we request that you perform 40 hours of coaching training between the start and the end date of the Practicum.))

    • You must have at least four different clients during Practicum.(It may be more)
    • The follow up period for each client should be at least 5 hours.
    • The clients should not be other coaching training students, trained or practicing coachs, close friends or close relatives. This clause is also applicable to 100 hours of coaching required for certification examinations.
    • There is no provision regarding the payments of the clients. However, we especially urge that you agree with the client at least for a certain type of payment since this would create a commitment.
    • It is important that the coaching hours with individual clients (not the groups) is sincere and recorded within the context of a designed coaching engagement. The hours spent for consulting, therapy, training or counseling cannot be viewed as fulfilling the objectives of this requirement. If you are not certain that a specific engagement conforms to your practice requirements, please contact Practicum Consultant.
    • Please keep a record for each client for meeting hours. (For this, we will provide you a form within the learning material you may receive after the beginning date.)

During Practicum, you will be asked to record some of your meeting hours with the clients and send them to your Practicum supervisors for review. To record your conversations with the clients, you have to obtain prior consent from them. Therefore, you have to take into account this permission in your coaching agreement. .

You have to keep your meeting records in the form of digital files. Therefore, it is advisable that you begin such an arrangement within a short time. If you make the arrangement early, you may start recording your coaching conversations to make preparation for the recordings you will present for supervision.

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