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Thomas (Thom) WRIGHT

Thomas (Thom) WRIGHT Instructor, PCC

Thom is an ICF Certified Executive Coach and Facilitator with a passion for stimulating thought, growth, and performance in clients. With his ability to see through complexity, and a talent for challenging people to open up to different perspectives, Thom creates open, engaging, collaborative learning environments, in which people become more effective leaders and team-players. As an ICF-certified executive coach, Thom empowers people to engage effectively in their personal development within their organizations and systems of relationships. His thoughtful, collaborative approach encourages individuals to leverage their strengths and enact meaningful change for themselves and their teams, in effect, to become “greater than the sum of their parts”. People achieve higher levels of peer-to-peer accountability and realize significant goal-driven outcomes in their domains. Thom loves working with high potential leaders who aspire to reach their potential, have a powerful desire to learn and grow, and who want to inspire others along the way. Thom has assisted hundreds of people, including emerging leaders, high-potential individuals, executives and c-suite. He has coached clients as they create start-ups, step into new leadership roles in large firms, lead their teams through significant organizational change, increase personal resilience, manage complex cultural shifts including diversity challenges, solve complex business problems, and more. With powerful questions and insight, Thom helps clients find ‘aha’ moments and challenges them to act on their insights with intention, discipline and focus, to design powerful actions and to hold themselves accountable to achieve their highest potential.

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