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Professional Coaching

Our ICF-accredited coach programs have trained thousands of learners across the globe with in-house deliveries and private coach trainings that address both the art and science of the coaching practitioner. Grounded in the coaching competencies of the ICF, great care has been taken to balance conceptual and experiential learning modes. Our Coach-Instructors are valued for their interactive and engaging teaching, emphasizing practice and practical application.

When you complete the 5 modules of our Professional Coaching Program, you will have successfully completed Level 2.

Why Coach Education?

Our lives and workplaces are full of challenging relationships, complicated issues, and sometimes a feeling of being stuck. The coaching approach creates a path forward marked by curiosity, respect, and helping people tap into their inner wisdom and resourcefulness. Coach training teaches you to shape environments and conversations where people access their most significant potential resulting in improved lives, relationships, and business outcomes. It can also be a path to your own transformation.

Our Program

Offered in English and Turkish, our training incorporates discrete coaching skills and behaviours that support positive interpersonal interactions in several areas, such as:



Fundamentals of Professional Coaching

32 CCE
  • Key distinctions about the scope, mindset and subject matter of coaching
  • Discovery and practical application of ICF Core coaching competencies
  • Conceptual foundations of coaching Adler's coaching model and practices
  • In-depth sampling of the coaching tools to be used in the coaching interview
  • ICF Core Competencies to be covered in detail in the module:
    3) Creates and Maintains Agreements
    4) Builds Trust and Confidence


Transformational Coaching: Applications to Client Context

30 CCE
  • Implementation of Basic Coaching Competencies in a way that focuses on raising awareness in Clients and facilitating permanent transformation,
  • Internalization of coaching tools to improve business performance in the business environment and within organizations,
  • Detailed consideration of Effective Feedback competencies to be used in coaching meetings,
  • Special tools, techniques and coaching processes in the business environment
  • In-depth learning of the ICF Code of Ethics,
  • ICF Core Competencies to be covered in detail in the module:
    7) Creates Awareness
    8) Facilitates Customer Development


Deep Coaching: The Coach's Signature Presence

30 CCE
  • Acquiring self-leadership skills,
  • Discovering approaches that facilitate change for the client,
  • Revealing the Coaching Presence as a Coach,
  • Coaching from the leader's perspective
  • Composition of different coaching situations
  • Developing skills to practice coaching competencies by staying in the moment,
  • Effective use of creativity and imagination
  • ICF Core Competencies to be covered in detail in the module:
    5) Maintains Aries Position
    6) Active Religions


Advanced Coaching Program: Practicum

46 CCE
  • Laboratories focusing on ICF 8 Core Competencies,
  • Deepening coaching approaches with bilateral coaching meetings,
  • Supporting the preparation process for the ICF title exam,
  • Ensuring the development of all ICF coaching competencies with verbal and written feedback (will focus on the 2nd competency).

Adler Level 2 Exam

Includes 10 hours of coaching performance evaluation.

  • 1 Hour In-class training
  • 9 independent assignments


1. Level 2 (ACTP) Process

  • Adler Coaches who have completed Module 1-2-3 can take this exam and receive their titles.
  • Completion of 2 30-minute case records and deciphers, which were carried out by obtaining written permission from the Client before the case records,

2. Portfolio Process

  • Minimum 125 hours of coaching training
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching
  • 500 hours one-on-one coach- client file
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